SPRING JAPAN is now hiring B737-800 captains.

Since August 2014, Spring Airlines Japan has launched flights based on the 3S corporate philosophy (Safety, Sincerity and Smile).

We currently fly 3 Japanese domestic routes and 4 international routes from/to Tokyo NARITA, using B737-800 aircrafts.

Your "wings" are indispensable for the development of SPRING JAPAN with infinite possibilities!

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    Why Tokyo? Why Japan?

    Why should you choose Tokyo? Japan? over other worldwide cities & countries?
    How is the life in Tokyo? Japan?
    What's the merit of living in Tokyo? Japan?


    Tokyo : 7th place out of 140 cities in "The world's most liveable cities 2018"
    One of the most safest, cleanest, politest city and country in the World!


    ENJOY! "Hokusai", "Ukiyo-e", "Ikebana", "Shintoism", "Buddhism", "Architecture", "Temples & Shrines", "Castles", "Gardens", "Movies", "Literature", "New & Old", "Unique", "Tatami", "Futon", and so on...


    ENJOY! "Samurai", "Ninja", "Geisha", "Sumo", "Kabuki", "Noh", "Kimono", "Zen", "Origami", "Judo", "Kendo", "Karate", "Bonsai", "Maneki-Neko", "Festivals", and so on...


    ENJOY! "Mt. Fuji (Fuji-yama)", "Spring", "Summer", "Autumn", "Winter", "Seasons", "Onsen", "Snow", "Skiing", and so on...


    ENJOY! "Sushi", "Sashimi", "Tempura", "Sukiyaki", "Ramen", "Japanese Curry", "Rice", "Yakitori", "Karaage", "Izakaya", "Kobe Beef", "Wagyu", "Bento", "Onigiri", "Gyudon", "Tonkatsu", "Okonomiyaki", "Tofu", "Edamame", "Wasabi", "Sake", "Green Tea", and so on...


    ENJOY! "Manga", "Anime", "Cartoons", "Pokemon", "Dragon Ball", "Akihabara", "Otaku", "Moe", "Kawaii", "Maid Cafes", "Fashion", "Cosplay", "Karaoke", "Video Games", "Technology", "Cars", "Konbini", "Food Samples", and so on...

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      Why should you choose SPRING JAPAN? over other worldwide airlines?
      How is the career in SPRING JAPAN?
      What's the merit of flying for SPRING JAPAN?


      SPRING JAPAN pays all the tax in Japan instead of your paying.
      The amount shown to you is the amount you actually get!


      Plenty of bonus after training, anual completion and so on!


      We fully support your JCAB license training! SPRING JAPAN wants you to feel comfortable even when you are training, too!


      Commuting allowance to go home, or Homecoming allowance to invite your family to Japan!


      Your family can enjoy splendid life living in Japan. We can offer educational support for your children as well!


      Unfamiliar with language? No worries, SPRING JAPAN will offer you special team to support both your work and life!


      SPRING JAPAN is one of the fastest growing LCC airline in Japan. Your growth will directly link to the growth of SPRING JAPAN!

        To request an application file, please contact us from the button below.

        Eligibility Requirements

        All items must be qualified.

        - B737 type rating for ICAO ATPL or Jet type rating for JCAB ATPL.
        - PIC: 1000 hours minimum with commercial airline.
        - Flight time: 4,000 hours minimum, 3,000 hours on jet.
        - EFIS: 1,000 hours.
        - ICAO Medical Certificate: 1st Class.
        - ICAO English Proficiency: Level 4 or above.
        - Below 55 yrs (ICAO) or 60 yrs (JCAB) of age. (offers employment until 67 of age)

        SPRING JAPAN is an EQUAL OPPORTUNITY EMPLOYER. SPRING JAPAN does not discriminate on the basis of age, gender, color, race or national origin.

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        Terms and Conditions

        - Position: Captain Boeing B737-800
        - Assignment: Spring Airlines Japan Co., Ltd.
        - Flight Base: Tokyo Narita, Japan
        - Length of Assignment: 3 years contract (renewable)
        - Interviews: Held on regular basis in Tokyo
        - Training: Approximately 8 months / No training bond required.

        After your inquiry, we will be sending you 2 files to your e-mail address in a few days. One is an application form, and the other is a terms & conditions document containing detailed information of "Basic Salary", "Initial Bonus", "Days Off", "Annual Completion Bonus", "Vacation", "Ticket Allowance", "Moving Allowance", "Housing Allowance", "Employee Fare Travel", "Medical Insurance" and "Education Support".

        Please send us back the application form and the other required document stated on the e-mail.

        For further information, please contact us from the button below.

        Recruitment Process

        Screening process:
        After document screening, we will invite you to come to Tokyo, Japan for 3 days to complete all assessment, including Interview, Simulator Test and Medical Check.

        - 1st day: Arrive in Japan.
        - 2nd day: Interview at Haneda airport in Tokyo, then SIM brief assessment. (You will be notified at the end of day 2 whether you've been successful or not. Candidates will then be required to complete medical check)
        - 3rd day: Physical Examinaton (Medial Check)

        About JCAB license:
        Pilots with non-JCAB holder, SPRING JAPAN can be provided to you license. We will support fastest procedures to validate by JCAB.

        - Type Rated B737-600, 700, 800(NG): it takes about 7~8months
        - Type Rated B737-300, 400, 500(EFIS): it takes about 8~9months
        - Type Rated B737-200(NON-EFIS): it takes about 8~9months

        For further information, please contact us from the button below.

        SPRING JAPAN is now hiring B737-800 CAPTAINS !!
        SPRING JAPAN, based in Tokyo Narita, Japan, is now hiring Boeing 737-800 captains.We are waiting for your application!